harvest for haiti

Each Fall since 2010, we have partnered with Lifeline Christian Mission our of Westerville, Ohio to gather individuals, churches and business members to help pack meals for Haiti. The meals packed during this one day event are then shipped to Haiti where team members of Dufailly Christian Mission pickup boxes and deliver them to Dufailly Christian School. Our goal each year is to pack enough meals to feed the school children of Dufailly each day for an entire school year. For many of these children, this is the only meal they will receive each day.

- Bring a group to the event and help us pack meals for Haiti. We request a minimum donation of $30 for each volunteer. Although not required, this donation assists in covering costs associated with the food and shipping the boxes to Haiti. Volunteers may personally donate the funds or raise the funds through friends, family and coworkers

-If you are not able to help us pack meals, then recruit people to donate $30 each and send that to us. Again, donations help cover costs associated with the food and shipping.

-Or, have your Church or Business give a gift in honor of 'Harvest for Haiti'. It takes so little of our resources to provide so much for them; for example:

                             $250= 1,350 meals

                             $500=2,700 meals

                             $1,000= 5,400 meals