medical clinic

Once a year, the Dufailly Christian Mission conducts a primary preventive health care event for the children and adults of Dufailly. Serving those who do not have the resources to obtain this care, people have their heart, lungs and blood pressure checked, as well as signs of iron deficiency and malaria.

The children are provided with doses of worm medicine, vitamins, toothbrushes, and toothpaste. Those adults and children who require it are given basic medications such as Tylenol, iron tablets and antacid tablets. When available, blood pressure medication and antibiotics are also given to those in need.

For those children and adults who are diagnosed with more serious health issues, they are referred to specialists in the nearby city of Mirebalais. Unfortunately, most of these will not seek medical attention due to lack of personal financial resources.

We pray that this medical outreach will continue to meet some of the basic physical needs of the people in Dufailly, while providing the opportunity for them to meet Jesus Christ so that He can satisfy their most important need of all- eternal salvation.